Friday, August 9, 2013

Differences Between Meiosis and Mitosis

process of mitosis and meiosis
Meiosis and mitosis would appear to be kindred processes, and in truth they do share a number of similarities. However the end results and much of the mechanisms are very different when we take a closer look. Understanding and remembering some of the important contrasts will hopefully help you remember precisely which is which.

A process of cellular reproduction in which a parent cell divides into two identical diploid (2n) daughter cells
A process of cellular reproduction where the parent cell divides into haploid (1n) cells
Daughter cells contain the same number of chromosomes (2n)
Daughter cells contain half the chromosome count as the parent (1n)
Results in 2 daughter cells
Results in 4 daughter cells
A form of asexual reproduction
A form of sexual reproduction
All living organisms undergo mitosis
Only some organisms like animals, plants, fungi and some protists undergo
Does not involve crossing over
Involves crossing over
Centromeres split at anaphase
Centromeres split during anaphase II
Responsible for production of the somatic cells
Responsible for production of gamete cells

For a bit more detail check out this video:

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