Friday, August 2, 2013

Vascular Plant Traits

Prunus serrulata (Japanese Cherry)

Vascular plants differentiate themselves from bryophytes in that they have a developed vascular system of roots, stems and leaves. Besides those important defining traits, they are also different from nonvascular plants because of the dominant sporophyte generation which is not dependent on the gametophyte for food or protection. Basically all other plants not specifically classified as bryophytes are vascular plants. This includes lycophytes (misleadingly called club mosses), ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms.

Vascular Tissue
xylem: conducts water and minerals up from the plants roots.
phloem: distributes organic nutrients from one part of the plant to another.

Vascular Plant Groups

Seedless Vascular Plant Phyla
- Lycophyta
- Pterophyta

Seed Plant Phyla
- Ginkgophyta
- Cycadophyta
- Gnetophyta
- Coniferophyta

- Anthophya

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